In October 2022, Chicago Rubber & Seal, Inc. was awarded the Business As Usual Award from Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., USA. CRS was one of the few suppliers that did not shut down production and service during the Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent supply chain crisis over the following years. Due to our well-thought-out and stable supply chain model, CRS was able to continue production and set itself as a trustworthy business to work with. Chicago Rubber & Seal was 1/15 suppliers to receive the award, out of a pool of 150 suppliers total.

In April 2022, Manitou and Rotax initiated the manufacturing of their latest boat and engine design. For this project, CRS was selected as a key supplier, responsible for delivering a wide range of components essential for the boat and engine platform. CRS successfully provided custom molded rubber and engineered plastic components. Notably, Chicago Rubber & Seal played a significant role in supplying a comprehensive package for Rotax’s cooling and oil system, contributing to the success of this remarkable engineering achievement.

Kawasaki Customer Service award to Chicago Rubber & Seal, Inc.

 In June 2015, Chicago Rubber & Seal, Inc. received the Customer Service Award from Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., USA, Maryville. This was in recognition for our 100% On-Time Performance, Cost Savings Initiatives, Engineering support and meeting PPM goals over the last year.  We are truly grateful to be recognized for our efforts to be the best supplier to our customers.

  Kawasaki Quality Award 2014In July 2014, Chicago Rubber & Seal, Inc. received the Quality Award from the President of Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., USA, Matt Kurushima. This was in recognition for our 100% On-Time Performance and Zero PPM over the last year.   We are working very diligently on behalf of our customers and are proud of this significant achievement.

Evin 3

We are so excited for the latest Innovation from BRP Evinrude, the 2015 line-up and ETEC G2. We at CRS are geniunely proud to say that we have been supporting this project since conception. CRS, Inc. supplies 80+ component parts and assemblies from custom molded rubber, plastic to formed hoses.  If we can support and deliver “Engineered Sealing Solutions” for for a world class operation like BRP, we can do it for anyone!!!

 Jenna Pic

New Hire 2014 – We are proud to announce the hire of Jenna Miller as a Project Manager for new accounts. Jenna will provide full service support to our growing customer base and coordinate new customer sales and planning activities.